Snow & Ice Guards

Being located in a winter climate, snow and ice guards will prevent snow and ice from sliding down your sloping metal roof, this also prevents injury to others and keeps your property safe. With various styles too choose from, Northern Seamless Gutters has what it takes to keep your property safe and looking good through the winter months.

By offering a complete line of snow and ice guards, Northern Seamless Gutters can accomodate both commercial and residential customers.

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The long straight board that runs along the lower edge of the roof is called the Fascia. Attached to the lower end of the roof trusses, the fascia holds support for your lower roof tiles or shingles, and is also very important as an area to fasten your rain gutter system.

Rain gutters that are not properly cleaned and maintained can cause the fascia to rot and begin to sag, causing more damage to your roof which is costly to repair.

Northern Seamless Gutters will inspect the fascia before installing any rain gutters, so that you can make the decision to repair or replace if needed. Northern Seamless Gutters has the knowledge, manpower and equipment to make sure your fascia is exactly how it needs to be to support your current or newly installed rain gutter system.

Services Areas

Our service areas include the following towns and their surrounding areas:

St. Lawrence County: Brasher, Canton, Clare, Clifton, Colton, DeKalb, DePeyster, Edwards, Fine, Fowler, Gouverneur, Hammond, Hermon, Hopkinton, Lawrence, Lisbon, Louisville, Macomb, Madrid, Massena, Morristown, Norfolk, Oswegatchie, Parishville, Piercefield, Pierrepont, Pitcairn, Potsdam, Rossie, Russell, Stockholm, Waddington

Franklin County: Bangor, Bellmont, Bombay, Brandon, Brighton, Burke, Chateaugay, Constable, Dickinson, Duane, Fort Covington, Franklin, Harrietstown, Malone Moira, Santa Clara, Tupper Lake, Waverly, Westville

And serving Northern New York!